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Frequently Asked Questions - INTERACTIONS WITH OTHERS


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Frequently Asked Questions - INTERACTIONS WITH OTHERS Empty Frequently Asked Questions - INTERACTIONS WITH OTHERS

Post by Admin Fri Apr 07, 2017 5:07 pm

Q: How do I invite friends from Facebook?
A: We do not have an in-game invite feature yet but you can post your progress at Facebook starting at level 50 by checking the 'SHARE ON FACEBOOK' box of the level up pop-up. Your Facebook friends will be automatically directed to Google Play Store when they click the post. ('SHARE ON FACEBOOK' box appears every 10 levels after reaching level 50)

Q: What are 'Like’, ‘Follow’, and ‘Drink’ buttons?
A: 'Like', 'Follow' and 'Drink' buttons are CASINOGRAPE's social features. Become friends with fellow players by touching 'Like' and 'Follow' in their player profiles, and send drinks to other players to celebrate your big wins! ('Like' and 'Drink' features are not available in the lobby)

Q: How do I send mails?
A: You can send mails by touching 'INBOX' button at the bottom menu, then 'SEND MAIL' button.


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